Introducing the FiveOne Volleyball podcast! Liam and I have always desperately wanted to listen to a pro volleyball podcast, but unfortunately, none existed. So we figured there had to be people out there like us and started our own. In the first episode, we give a quick breakdown of all 16 teams participating in the 2018 men’s nations league. Give it a listen and lets us know what you think.


  1. Great program. Pretty decent coverage of last week’s games. I only watched 8 matches last weekend so it’s good to learn what else was going on.

    Canada definitely had problems with their passing lineup. I mean if the jump power serves were irretrievable it’s sort of understandable, but in the game against Poland, Canada missed a bunch of float serves. If I were Antiga I’d work on improving the passes of the team first.

    Russia seemed to have problems with float serves too. One of the factors that led Poland’s win over Russia is Lemanski’s float serves crashed Russia. Incredible but that’s what happened. It’s great to have Muserskiy back to the international volleyball games but he’s not at his best for now. We gotta see how he’s like at WCH.

    Germany has some serious issues now. For one they really do need to work on their right wing because currently, either Hirsch or Reichert are not good enough for this team. Germany don’t feature powerful outside hitters so they must have some forces on the right. Giani likely can’t utilize his experience with Slovenia because there are no Cebulj or Urnaut.

    I’m always amused by Heynen’s experimentation and, absurd it may sound, I totally did not expect it to work out last weekend. Each lineup he composed featured 4 veteran players and 3 newbies (as less experienced in NT), and he used different set of players in all three matches. Poland had suffered a difficult situation of not having good outside hitters after Winiarski’s retirement, but this time I see that Szalpuk and Sliwka were doing pretty nice jobs there. Since Poland doesn’t have a “key player” like Zaytsev of Italy, it’s important to have a powerful bench so that they have room to adjust to the games. We shall see how Heynen would manage that in the following games and the major event of this year.

    Serbia was definitely underwhelming last weekend. I wouldn’t say Jovovic was the man to blame. I did find that Uros Kovacevic played below his standard, and unfortunately Ivovic or Katic didn’t work out either. Most players on this team just had really great club seasons so perhaps they needed some time to chill and get to know each other again?

    And lastly it’s nice to have a proper place to have some men’s volleyball discussion. Thanks so much for the effort, Dan and Liam.


    • The first one was a bit rough around the edges but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Canada needs the pass the pass to be there, they are not a team that can run an effective offense off of passes to the attack line. Poland is much better at out of system offense and I hope Canada can learn from that.

      Not a fan of Hirsch as I mentioned in the podcast haha, they should give Malescha more opportunity on the right side because they’re not going to get it from anywhere else.

      Poland is so lucky to have Heynan, I don’t think I emphasized enough how great he was for Friedrichschafen this club season. Usually I think the impact of coaching in volleyball is vastly overstated, but Heynan reminds me of Greg Popovich in the NBA. Always maximizes the talents of his teams and does it in a very human way.

      And as for Serbia, I still think they make the final round but this weekend will be a real test for them.


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